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Outer Circle Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit which supports our Veterans, First Responders, and their families, during times of need by providing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) resources and treatment options, Suicide Awareness & Prevention, Career Coaching, Resume Development, Networking Opportunities, and Resources to Support Service Animals through partnerships with other amazing nonprofit organizations.

Founded by Matt and Buffy, Outer Circle Foundation stands as a beacon of support and resources for our courageous Military Veterans and First Responders. Our deep appreciation for their sacrifices drives our relentless commitment to help ease their challenges. Dedicated to honoring their service, we are resolute in our mission to empower and uplift those who selflessly protected our nation.

Compassionate Leaders Behind OCF's Mission

Outer Circle Foundation's founder, Buffy portrait.

Lives by the Word of God, love of family, and impacting the lives of others. Passionate about Faith, Family, & Community.

Collects Tequilia, keeps up with Matt, and enjoys seeing other people succeed.

Outer Circle Foundation's founder, Matt portrait.

Lives by the word of God, love of family, and making a difference in the world. Bourbon collector, always keeping Buff on her toes, and passionate about working hand in hand with her to see others succeed.

Tribute to Matt's Father

Matt's father portrait in black and white, wearing his American soldier uniform.


US Army

Second Lieutenant

Infantry Unit Commander

May 17, 1941 to April 26, 1967

Awarded Silver Star

Bronze Star

Purple Heart

2nd LT Herman “Chuck” Payne, arrived in Vietnam in November 1966. Matt was born in February 1967 and his dad was killed by fragments of an exploded booby trap in April 1967. He never knew his dad. Matt followed his father’s footsteps by serving his country proudly in the Air Force as a Combat Controller from 1985 through 1995. Matt has dedicated his life to helping vets in need.

Matt's father honorary medals.

Highlights of Our Impact

Outer Circle Foundation in Action

Explore our foundation's profound impact, reflected in our commitment to fostering resilience by providing critical PTSD resources, suicide prevention, career coaching, and support for service animals through our partnerships with other non-profits.

Matt's Experience With Dr. Lynch & the Stellate Ganglion Block

Message from Matt:

Having been both US Military Special Operations and Law Enforcement, I have dealt with PTSD for about 30 years, although I wouldn't recognize it or admit it. I always tried to manage my feelings on my own, trying to hide the way I was feeling, adopting self-coping mechanisms, closing myself off from family and friends, and hoping no one saw how I felt.

Eventually, my nightmares got worse, what little sleep I was getting got worse, my fuse was extremely short, I didn’t like talking to people, and I wanted to be alone.

After some conversations with my wife, I started therapy and was doing well. From there I was referred to a psychiatrist who put me on several strong medications that caused me to not be able to function. Even my wife indicated that I wasn't interactive. Needless to say, I stopped the medicine very quickly.

I started doing some research and came across Dr. James Lynch at Ganglion Block in Annapolis, MD. Luckily, Dr. Lynch was a doc that worked with us at the 24th STSQ at JSOC.

Dr. Lynch has perfected a procedure called the Stellate Ganglion Block (SBG). The SGB is a shot of anesthetic that is injected into the Ganglion bundle of nerves in the neck that in essence performs a reset of the “fight or flight "system. Depending on the severity of PTSD, it could be shots on one side of the neck for less severe or both sides for more severe cases.

I needed shots on both sides. The only side effects are a hoarse voice and a little difficulty with swallowing for a few hours.

The shots are not a cure. You must remain in therapy to help continue the healing process. What the shots do accomplish is a reduction of symptoms. Sleep more, longer fuse, less nightmares, etc. The benefits of the shots vary in length for each person. Mine lasted about 7 months before I needed to go back in for another round.

What I can tell you is this is fantastic. It helps reduce the symptoms that allow you to focus on therapy. Ask my wife. She has been the witness to my testimony.

A note from his wife, Buffy:

Watching Matt struggle with PTSD was challenging, there were moments when he just couldn't deal with what was impacting him and would reply with a response indicating his frustration, "it's just the way it is", and his shortness was "just the way he is". It took many conversations and reflections moments for Matt to realize that PTSD doesn't JUST happen to other people, but it was impacting him. Taking those initial steps to get help were instrumental. When Matt and I went to visit Dr. Lynch to begin the SGB treatment, I knew this would be a life changing moment for Matt.

The night after his first treatment, Matt slept for 13 hours, this was the man that rarely slept. SGB has made a difference in my husband. Matt continues with his therapy sessions and has since 2022 had a 2nd SGB treatment.

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Dr. Lynch is a physician and mental health advocate who served 31 years in Army medicine and has extensive experience treating those suffering from the effects of trauma. A combat veteran with multiple deployments himself, Dr. Lynch was a pioneer in the world of Anxiety and PTSD treatment using stellate ganglion block (SGB) to help heal thousands of patients since 2011. His patients travel from all over the US and other countries to receive his expert care. 
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